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The First Weeks of Breastfeeding. Discovering our Strenghts.

One of the best ways to prepare for breastfeeding is to see other women nursing their babies. 

This video is meant as a complementary teaching tool. It is aimed at parents during the prenatal period. It can also be shown to parents during the postnatal period, healthcare workers and students.

In order to produce this teaching tool, 21 mothers, 9 fathers and their babies, aged from newborn to one year old kindly agreed to be filmed. 


Here are the topics covered :

- Right after Birth 
- Skin-to-Skin Contact
- Expressing Colostrum
- Bringing Baby Home
- Signs that Baby is Ready to Breastfeed
- Bringing Baby to the Breast – Basic Principles 
- Removing Baby from the Breast
- Breastfeeding Positions
- If There is Pain
- How to Know Whether Baby is Getting Enough Milk
- Breast Compression
- Expressing Milk
- It’s Important for the Mother to Give Herself Time and Trust Herself



The First Weeks of Breastfeeding. Discovering our Strengths.  from COCOGREN on Vimeo.

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